How To Fix Compass Not Working On Android? [Solved]

How To Fix Compass Not Working On Android

The world of technology has brought us remarkable innovations, and among them is the digital compass integrated into our Android smartphones. This device, which looks like a standard compass, is very useful for navigation and direction. If you are facing these issues with the compass not working on Android smartphone while traveling. 

Fortunately, sometimes, it might encounter issues and stop working correctly. We will explore common reasons for this issue and provide step by step how to fix Compass not working on Android smartphones

Why Is My Compass Not Working On Android?

Here is a simpler explanation for why a compass app may not be working on Android smartphone:

The compass app on your Android phone uses the magnetometer sensor to detect magnetic fields and find which direction is north. If the compass is not working on your Android smartphone, there are a few common reasons:

  • Sensor problem – The magnetometer sensor in your phone could be broken or need recalibrating. Go to your device settings and try recalibrating the compass sensor.
  • App issue – The compass app itself might have a bug causing it to malfunction. Try uninstalling and reinstalling the app or use a different compass app.
  • Location access – The compass needs location access enabled to work properly. Check that location permissions are enabled for the compass app.
  • Interference – Nearby objects like magnets, electronics, or phone cases can interfere with the magnetometer sensor. Move your phone away from other objects.
  • Old software – An outdated Android system can cause compass incompatibility. Update your phone’s Android operating system.
  • Needs recalibration – Recalibrate the compass in your phone’s settings or the app settings.

In summary, if your Android device compass is not working then you can try to fix it by recalibrating sensor, checking for app issues, removing interference sources, and updating the software. knowing more Android guides you can also visit iGeekbloggers.

How To Fix Compass Not Working on Android Smartphones?

Below we mention 5 ways you must know about this if your compass not working on Android phone. 

1. Calibrate the Compass – To calibrate a compass, modify the sensor so that it is capable of accurate direction and navigation. You can use the instructions below to calibrate the compass on your Android phone: 

  • Open Google Maps app. 
  • Click on three lines in the top left corner. 
  • Select setting>Location>Advance> Calibrate compass

2. Check for Magnetic Interference – The compass sensor in your Android phone is very sensitive to magnetic fields. Make sure that your phone is not near any magnetic things, such as a refrigerator, microwave, or speaker. You should also look to see whether your phone case contains any magnets.

3. Update Your Smartphone’s Software – Make sure your Android OS and compass app software are up to date. Older versions may have compass bugs.

4. Reset Location Settings – In Settings, reset app location permissions and toggle location services off and back on to refresh GPS and sensors. 

5. Use a Third-Party Compass App – If the built-in compass has issues, try downloading a highly-rated compass app like Compass 360 Pro or Orientation Compass. Recalibrate in the app.

How Can I Improve My Android Compass Accuracy?

You can improve accuracy of your Android device’s compass by regularly calibrating it in Settings, moving away from metal objects that cause interference, and using compass apps that allow manual calibration. Also, turn off Bluetooth, WiFi, and cellular connections, update your Android OS and compass apps, remove any magnetic phone cases, and try gyroscope rotation apps

If your compass not working on Android, frequently calibrating the compass, reducing magnetic interference, keeping software updated, and rebooting your device to fix glitches will help increase the accuracy.

How To Calibrate Compass On Android Phone?

The compass on your Android phone needs periodic calibration to ensure accurate readings. This simple process just involves drawing a figure 7 in the air while following on-screen prompts. Recalibrating helps reorder the phone’s orientation to magnetic fields.

  1. Launch the Settings application, then select Location > Compass
  1. Tap on Calibrate compass or Calibrate sensors.
  1. Place your phone on a flat surface and tap Calibrate.
  1. Move your phone slowly in a figure 8 motion in both horizontal and vertical orientations as directed on screen.
  1. Follow the steps until you obtain a confirmation that the calibration was successful.
  1. Open a compass app and see if the readings are now more accurate when you move the phone around.  
  1. Repeat calibration if the compass seems inaccurate again, making sure you are away from any metal objects.

Does Android Have A Built In Compass?

Yes, Android has a built-in compass that comes as part of the operating system. It uses the magnetometer sensor in your phone to detect magnetic fields and point towards north. You can access the Android compass by opening Google Maps, tapping your location arrow, and then tapping the compass icon in the bottom right. 

This will open the compass view where you can see your orientation relative to north. So no need to download a separate compass app, there is one built into your Android phone already.

9 Best Compass Apps For Android

A compass app is an essential tool for any Android user who wants to navigate or explore the outdoors. On the Google Play Store available 9 best compass apps for Android phones. Below are the mentioned apps. 

  • Compass
  • Compass 360 Pro
  • Compass Galaxy
  • Military Compass
  • Compass Master
  • Smart Compass
  • Gyroscope Compass
  • 3D Compass
  • Geocaching Compass


A compass app is an invaluable navigation tool on Android phones, but the sensor can sometimes malfunction leading to the compass not working on your Android smartphone. The main solutions for fixing the compass not working on Android are recalibrating the magnetometer, checking for software and hardware issues, removing magnetic interference, and trying alternative compass apps. With a few simple steps, you can often get an Android phone’s digital compass working again for accurate directional readings.

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