How To Make A Compass In Minecraft? [Complete Guide]

How To Make A Compass In Minecraft

Adventurers in the huge world of Minecraft find themselves traveling deep into difficult tunnels, scaling towering mountains, and handling unsafe landscapes. Every risky journey carries the risk of losing expensive stuff or becoming confused. This is where you need to know how to make a Compass in Minecraft.

Exploring in Minecraft leads to getting lost easily. Craft a compass so you can always find your way back home no matter how far you venture out.

The material needs to make a compass in Minecraft is 4 iron ingots, and 1 redstone dust, put them in a 3×3 crafting grid. Also, there is a pattern to assemble materials in a crafting grid to successfully build a compass in Minecraft.

Where Can I Gather Compass Material In Minecraft?

In Minecraft, you can’t directly gather “Compass Material” as you would with other resources like wood or ores. You need recovery Minecraft compass recipe items to craft a compass below we have mentioned the materials.

Iron ingot: A product obtained by smelting iron ore in a furnace. Iron ore can be discovered underground, most typically between levels 1 and 63.

Redstone Dust: Mined from redstone ore blocks found underground, typically at levels 1-15. When you mine redstone ore, it releases redstone dust, which you can collect.

How Do You Make A Compass In Minecraft?

Below we mention some effective ways that can help you to make a compass in Minecraft:

  • Gather 4 iron ingots and 1 redstone dust (the compass ingredients).
  • Open up your crafting table.
  • Place the Redstone dust in the very center box of the 3×3 crafting grid.
  • Surround the redstone dust with the 4 iron ingots – one on each side.
  • The compass will appear on the right side of the crafting grid once you have the proper arrangement.
  • Click on the compass to move it from the grid to your inventory.
  • Now the compass will point you toward your original spawn point when held.

That’s all there is to it! Follow the above steps for the Minecraft compass recipe and you’ll be able to easily craft a compass to help navigate in Minecraft.

This handy navigation tool is essential if you are new to Minecraft and learning how to install Minecraft on Android TV to play on a bigger screen. With a compass guiding your travels, you’ll never get completely lost in the world of Minecraft.

Does Recovery Compass Drop On Death?

No, Even if you die in the game you will not lose your compass but except it, you will lose everything you have in your inventory like resource tools and other items. But when you again respawn you will see your recovery compass in your inventory which you can use to recover your lost items.

That’s why it must you must always have a recovery compass in your inventory for emergencies.

Recovery Compass is the best item and a lifesaver in your game this item is free to craft, you can make this item by combining an iron ingot and red dust.

What Does Compass Do In Minecraft?

This tool helps you to find the world spawn way which is the initial point where you first entered the world or where you last used a bed to set your respawn point.

When you equip the compass in a game, explorers and adventurers have a navigational tool. If you stray too far from your base or spawn location, the compass will guide you back there by pointing in the appropriate direction.

Unlike map recovery, a compass doesn’t show the distance remaining to your last death or spawn point – it just indicates the general direction back to that spot in the Minecraft world. Check out our handy Android guide for tips on effectively using a compass for navigation in Minecraft on your Android device.

Can You Make A Compass Track Player In Minecraft?

Yes, it is possible to make a compass that will point to and track another player in Minecraft! But you’ll need to use command blocks to set it up – a regular crafting table compass can only point to the world spawn point.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • First, grab a command block and place it down. Inside the command block, type in:
  • /execute at PLAYERNAME run set world spawn ~ ~ ~
  • But replace “PLAYER NAME” with the actual name of the player you want the compass to track.
  • Activate the command block, Hold a compass in your hand

Now the compass will point to the player you specified. It will track their location in real-time as they move.

More Uses Of Recover Compass In Minecraft

There are more uses for recovery compass in Minecraft here is what we have found:

  • Personalizing your compass while the standard compass points to your spawn spot, the game also has enchanted compasses. Enchanting can add features such as pointing to specific biomes or constructions.
  • You can explore more secret places with upgraded compasses like deserts, forests, oceans, and snowy tundras. Each biome offers unique resources and challenges.
  • In multiplayer mode, a compass can help friends stay together. It ensures no one strays too far from the group and simplifies coordination during joint adventures.

So always have a recovery compass in your inventory and if you don’t have a compass at least gather crafting resources for it and craft anytime you want.

Lodestone Compass Minecraft

A Lodestone Compass is a shape of compass that can be built to point at a certain lodestone block. A lodestone is a type of block added in Minecraft 1.16 that may be used to set a compass target location.

To get a lodestone compass you must have a recovery compass and along with it more items that are lodestones you have to craft it to make a lodestone, you must have mined a lodestone block from the Nether and manufactured it using chiseled stone bricks. 

This is very helpful for adding navigation points to important places across the entire world, making it easier to navigate, especially in larger and more complex Minecraft locations.

Is A Map Different From Compass In The Game?

Yes, a map shows your explored terrain, while a compass points toward your spawn point.

How Can I Obtain Redstone For Crafting?

Redstone is mined from redstone ore blocks found underground. Use an iron pickaxe to mine it.


Navigating the huge universe of Minecraft is both exciting and difficult. Crafting and using a compass adds an important layer of navigation to the game, improving your exploration and survival abilities. Knowing how to craft a compass in minecraft provides you with a key tool for finding your way.

With a compass in your hand, you’ll never go lost and will always find your way to success when traversing the expansive world. The compass needle points back to your spawn point, so you can use it to guide you home whenever you get turned around.