How To Remove TikTok Profile Picture?

How To Remove Tiktok Profile Picture

Feel like taking a little social media break from showing your face? We all need to detox from social media and go incognito sometimes. If you’re looking to remove your current photo for a breather, I feel you.

Ditching your old profile picture for a fresh start doesn’t have to be a headache. This quick guide will show you how to remove TikTok profile picture, go photo-free for a while, or swap in a new selfie that better shows off the real you.

Whether you’re looking for a rebrand, want some temporary anonymity, or just feel like mixing it up, changing your profile photo (or removing it entirely) is totally doable. Let’s dive in and make that outdated picture disappear from your account in no time. You can find more social media tips and tricks on

Quick Answer – Unfortunately you can’t permanently delete TikTok profile picture. But you can swap in a blank placeholder image to make it look removed. that’s the quickest way to virtually remove it.

What Is TikTok Profile Picture?

TikTok profile pic is the little square photo shown next to your username when you post videos or comment. It helps identify your account.

Choose a clear, high-quality image that represents you – like a selfie, pet, or anything you want! Ideal size is 200×200 pixels minimum.

Your profile picture is associated with your account across TikTok. So pick something that shows your personality and interests. Have fun customizing this part of your TikTok presence.

How To Remove TikTok Profile Picture In 2023?

Unfortunately, if you want to remove tik tok pfp, You can’t directly delete your profile photo on TikTok. But you can set it to appear blank. Below we mention some steps that will help you to blank TikTok profile picture:

  • Open the “TikTok app” and go to your profile.
Open the TikTok app and go to your profile
  • Tap “Edit Photo”  then click on “Change photo”.
Tap Edit Photo then click on Change photo
  • Click on Take photo, Now take complete black photo.
click on Take photo take complete black photo
  • Confirm the blank picture. This will replace your current profile photo with a blank space.
  • The only way to fully delete your profile pic is to make a new TikTok account and remove your old one. But this also deletes all your videos.
  • So your best option is to swap in a blank image instead. That way you can easily change it back later.

So in summary – you can use a blank picture to make it seem like your profile photo is gone.

Why Do Users Want To Remove Their TikTok Profile Picture?

There are a few common reasons people want to remove TikTok profile picture on:

  1. Privacy concerns – Some want to protect their privacy by removing their identifiable profile image.
  2. Change in appearance – If users got a new haircut or look, they may want to update their photo.
  3. New account – When creating a fresh TikTok account, users often start by deleting the old profile picture.
  4. Technical issues – If unable to change it, deleting the profile photo and re-adding it can help fix glitches.
  5. Control over image – Others simply want control over their visible profile image on the app.

Note: TikTok doesn’t allow permanently deleting your profile photo you can only swap it out or change it to a blank image. If you want to update your username across social platforms, you may want to look into How To Change Snapchat Username On Android or other guides for customizing your personal branding.

Does Deleting Profile Photo Effect TikTok Followers?

Does Deleting Profile Photo Effect TikTok Followers

Remove TikTok profile picture can negatively impact your followers and views. Some followers may unfollow you if they don’t recognize your account without the profile pic. Your videos may also get fewer clicks since people are less likely to watch anonymous content.

Smaller accounts trying to grow could be more affected. But the impact depends on your overall engagement and content quality.

The same potential downsides apply when you delete TikTok story. Removing content could disappoint followers who enjoyed it. But you may decide deleting a story is worth it if the content no longer represents your brand or you shared it too hastily.

How To Change TikTok Account Profile?

Here are the steps how to change TikTok account profile follow these steps and you can able to change TikTok account profile:

  • Open the TikTok app and go to your profile page. Tap the 3 dots in the top right corner.
  • Select “Settings and privacy” then choose “Profile”.

Here are things you can change about your TikTok profile:

  • Username – Can be changed once every 30 days.
  • Bio – Write a short description of yourself in 100 characters.
  • Profile picture – Upload a new pic to represent your account.
  • Profile Video – Add a short intro video.
  • Birthday – Used for targeted ads.
  • Gender – Used for targeted ads.
  • Country – Used for targeted ads.
  • Tap into each item you want to edit. Make your changes.
  • Hit “Save” when you’re done editing a section.
  • Your TikTok profile will now be updated with the changes. 

Why Can’t I Change My TikTok Profile Picture?

There are some common reasons your TikTok profile photo may be stuck:

  1. No internet connection – You need to be connected to WiFi or cellular data to update it.
  2. File size too large – The max file size allowed is 10MB. Larger images won’t upload.
  3. Unsupported image format – TikTok only allows JPG, PNG and GIF formats.
  4. Violates content rules – Images with nudity, violence, hate speech, etc will be rejected.
  5. Technical issues – Sometimes glitches on TikTok’s end could block updates.
  6. Try restarting – the app or contacting TikTok support if you still can’t change it after checking those causes. They can help troubleshoot any issues.

So in summary, make sure your TikTok pfp isn’t too big, is a supported format, and follows the content rules. Connect to internet and try again. If it still doesn’t work, reach out to TikTok for assistance.

How Do You Put Profile Picture on TikTok?

Want to set a profile picture to personalize your TikTok account below are some steps that will help you to add a profile picture on TikTok app.

  • Open TikTok app and go to your profile page. Tap the 3 dots in the top right corner.
  • Select “Settings and privacy” then choose “Profile”.
  • Tap “Change profile picture”.
  • You can now either snap a new pic or upload one from your phone’s gallery.
  • Once you’ve picked your photo, crop it to fit the circular frame. This will cut out anything outside of the circle.
  • Hit “Confirm” to set it as your new profile photo.

How Often Can I Change My Profile Picture?

you can change your profile picture as often as you want – there’s no limit, so feel free to update it whenever.

Can I Get My Profile Picture Back After Removing It?

No, Once you remove TikTok profile picture, that specific photo is gone for good. The app can’t restore deleted profile pics.


While you can’t permanently remove TikTok profile picture, you can easily swap in a blank image to make it seem removed. Just take a black picture and upload it to replace your current profile picture with an empty space.

This simple trick allows you to virtually remove your pic temporarily whenever you want. So if you need a break from showing your face on TikTok, follow the above steps to ditch your old selfie and go incognito.