What Does CFS Mean On Instagram? [How To Use It]

what does cfs mean on instagram

With over 1 billion monthly users, Instagram allows public and private sharing. Instagram has introduced features like CFS But most Instagram users want to know what does CFS mean on Instagram? Read on to understand this simple acronym and unlock more intimate social connections.

Answer is simple. CFS stands for Close Friends Stories, a feature launched in 2018 that enables you to share stories visible only to your selected close friends list. 

Creating a Close Friends list and posting CFS allows you to share more personal content without their entire follower list seeing it. So when you see CFS, this story is only for their closest friends. 

The CFS feature enables private sharing with your inner circle on Instagram. In this article we dive into everything about CFS: what CFS meaning in Instagram, how to use it, and how to create your Close Friends list. Read on to unlock private sharing on Instagram.

Quick Answer By iGeekbloggers – CFS stands for Close Friends Stories. It allows you to share Instagram stories with only your selected close friends list for more private, personal sharing.

What Are Some Benefits Of Using Close Friends Stories?

Close Friends Stories, or CFS, allow for more intimate sharing on Instagram. But why use CFS feature? There are many benefits to posting Close Friends Stories here are some:

  • More Privacy – CFS allows you to share stories with only your closest friends, rather than your entire followers list.
  • Get Personal – CFS lets you share more personal, intimate moments without worrying about who will see.
  • Control Audience – You choose exactly which friends can view your private CFS, so you decide who sees your stories.
  • Be Authentic – With CFS you can share your true, unfiltered self with your inner circle.
  • Stay Connected – CFS helps you feel closely bonded with your closest friends on Instagram.
  • Share Everyday Moments – Use CFS to give your best friends a glimpse into your daily life.
  • No Stress Sharing – Post casual, carefree stories to your CFS without worrying about curating your image.

How To Create Close Friends List On Instagram?

Creating a Close Friends list on Instagram is easy and allows for more private sharing – here are some simple steps to adding close connections to your private list:

  • Go to your profile and tap three horizontal lines in the top right corner to open the menu.
  • Tap “Close Friends“.
  • Search for and select friends to add to your Close Friends list.
  • Tap on each friend you want to add.
  • Once you’ve finished selecting close friends, tap “Done” at the top of the page.
  • Now, your Close Friends list will be created.

After that, You can now share stories with just your Close Friends instead of all your followers. 

How To Create Close Friends Story On Instagram?

Once you’ve made a Close Friends list, creating a story just for them is simple. Below we mention some steps to creating stories just for your favorite people.

  • Open the Instagram app and tap the + button to start a new story
  • Take a photo/video or add text, stickers, and effects to create your story
  • When finished creating your story, tap the “Close Friends” option in the bottom right
  • This will make your story visible only to accounts on your Close Friends list
  • Tap “Share” to post your Close Friends story.

How Many People Can I Add to My Close Friends List?

You can add up to 140 people to your Close Friends list on Instagram. This gives you plenty of room to add your closest connections.

When selecting your Close Friends, be choosey – only add those you completely trust and are comfortable with seeing personal content. Think about who you want to share your most authentic, behind-the-scenes moments with.

The key is keeping your list tailored to those inner circle connections you want to share candid, everyday life updates with through your exclusive Close Friends Stories.

Can I Edit My Close Friends List?

Yes, you can edit your Close Friends list on Instagram anytime. To modify your list, go to your profile and tap the three horizontal lines to access the menu. 

Select “Close Friends”. From there, tap the + icon to add friends or the – icon to remove friends. Once you’ve updated your list, tap “Done” to save changes.

The great thing is you can change your Close Friends list as much as you want. Feel free to add or remove people whenever you want to refine your inner circle for sharing Close Friends Stories.

If you recently removed someone from your Close Friends List and they try to view your Close Friends Story, they’ll see This Story Is Unavailable error on Instagram.

What Happens When Someone Removes You From Their CFL?

Nothing happens when someone removes you from their close friends list on Instagram. You will not receive any notification or indication that you have been removed.

You may only realize this if you notice the green ring missing from their stories. Since Instagram doesn’t alert you when your friend deletes you from his close friend’s story.

Not to worry too much about this, as people update and change their close friends lists frequently. Just keep engaging with them like you normally would.

Can I Use Hashtags In Close Friend Story?

Yes, you can use hashtags in Close Friends Stories but they won’t be clickable.

Can I Mention Other Users In Close Friend Story?

You can mention other users in Close Friends Stories, but they won’t get a notification about it.

Can I Post The Same Story To My Close Friends and My Regular Followers?

Yes, you can post the same story to both your Close Friends and regular followers, but you’ll need to create two separate stories – one for Close Friends and one for all followers.

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