Why Is YouTube Vanced Not Working 2023 [How to Fix It]

Why Is YouTube Vanced Not Working

YouTube Vanced is a modified YouTube app for Android that offers ad blocking, background play, and other enhanced features not found in the regular YouTube app. 

But recently, many Vanced users have been experiencing issues with the app not functioning properly.

So in this Android Guide, we’ll explore potential reasons why YouTube Vanced not working and provide troubleshooting tips by IGeekbloggers community to try and get it back up and running.

Quick Answer – troubleshooting tips for fixing issues with YouTube Vanced not working, such as updating Vanced, clearing cache, using a VPN, and trying Vanced alternatives.

What Is YouTube Vanced?

YouTube Vanced is a modified version of the official YouTube app for Android. It blocks ads, and enables background playback, picture-in-picture mode, and other features not available in regular YouTube app.

Vanced provides an enhanced ad-free YouTube experience and extra functionality lacking in the original YouTube mobile app. It is an unofficial fork that is popular among Android users seeking a better YouTube application.

Reason Why Is YouTube Vanced Not Working?

There are a few key reasons why you may suddenly find that Vanced YouTube not working on your Android device:

  • Google Blocking Modified Versions of YouTube
  • Vanced Not Updated With Latest version
  • Vanced Servers Down
  • Device or Account-Specific Issues

Google Blocking Modified Versions Of YouTube

One of the main reasons Vanced YouTube not working is that Google is actively trying to block modified versions of YouTube. They have added detection in the official YouTube app to identify and disrupt forked apps like Vanced. 

Google can change API or add code to check requests, blocking features like video playback when Vanced is detected.

Vanced Not Updated With Latest YouTube Changes

Related to Google’s blocking efforts, another reason YouTube Vanced stopped working is that it has not been updated to bypass Google’s latest YouTube changes

Vanced developers need to frequently update their app to counter YouTube API changes and Google’s blocking efforts, similar to how MyFlixer APK On Android TV needs constant maintenance.

If Vanced isn’t updated in time, the official YouTube app can break Vanced functionality through API modifications or detection measures. Unauthorized third-party apps require vigilant upkeep to keep working on Android platforms.

Vanced Servers Down

YouTube Vanced depends on connecting to Vanced servers for logging in and other background services. If these servers suffer downtime or are blocked, this can prevent Vanced from working properly.

Device Or Account Specific Issues

In some cases, YouTube vanced not working due to a device or account-specific issue. For example, your Google account could get flagged for suspicious activity, your device may have an outdated OS version, or there may be app conflicts on your phone preventing Vanced from running.

How To Fix YouTube Vanced Not Working Error?

If you find Vanced YouTube not working on your device, there are a few troubleshooting steps you can take to try and get YouTube Vanced working again:

Update to Latest Vanced Version

First thing to try is updating Vanced to latest available version. Vanced team pushes out frequent updates with fixes and workarounds for YouTube API changes. Updating may resolve YouTube vanced not working problem caused by recent YouTube changes.

Go Vanced website or tutorial site you used to download Vanced and get links to YouTube Vanced latest APK version. Uninstall your current Vanced, download, and install Vanced new update.

Reinstall / Clear Cache And Data

If updating doesn’t help, try fully uninstalling Vanced, rebooting your device, and then doing a clean reinstall. Before reinstalling, clear YouTube app’s cached data. This can eliminate any corrupted files or settings causing YouTube Vanced stop working.

Check Vanced Servers

Visit Vanced status website or check their Telegram channel to see if Vanced servers are down or undergoing maintenance. If there are server issues, you will have to wait until they are back up for Vanced to work again.


See if using a VPN helps Vanced connect and function properly. Google may be blocking servers Vanced depends on certain regions. Connecting via VPN encrypts your traffic, hides the fact you are using Vanced, and lets you route through a different region to bypass any blocks.

Factory Reset Device

As a last resort, consider factory resetting your Android device. This will wipe your device back to default settings which can eliminate any device-specific problems preventing Vanced from working. Just be sure to back up important data first.

Fix YouTube Vanced Not Working Reddit

If YouTube Vanced stop working, start by checking your internet connection and trying different networks. Restarting your device can also help clear up software issues. 

Clearing the Vanced app’s cache and data, uninstalling then reinstalling the latest version, and signing in with a different YouTube account are other things to try. 

The Vanced subreddit and sites like XDA Developers have advice from users on getting non-working Vanced working again. The Reddit community can provide helpful technical troubleshooting.

Is Vanced No Longer Working On YouTube?

Yes, YouTube Vanced no longer works on YouTube. In March 2022, Vanced was shut down after receiving a cease and desist letter from Google for violating YouTube’s terms and trademarks. 

As a result, Vanced can no longer access YouTube API or allow users to watch videos, log in, comment, etc. Some alternatives like NewPipe exist, but they also risk action from YouTube for being third-party modifications.

Is It Illegal To Use YouTube Vanced?

No, Using YouTube Vanced is not illegal in most countries, but it does violate YouTube’s Terms of Service. YouTube could potentially suspend accounts of Vanced users or take other actions for violating their terms.

While Vanced provides useful features lacking in the official YouTube app like ad blocking and background playback, it is an unofficial third-party mod. Users have to weigh the benefits against the risk of YouTube enforcing its terms against Vanced usage.

Alternative Vanced Versions To Try

If you still facing YouTube Vanced not working error after troubleshooting, there are some Vanced fork alternatives you could try using instead:

  • YouTube ReVanced aims to revive Vanced with similar ad blocking and background play features.
  • Vanced Extended is another community project reviving Vanced, based on an older YouTube version but with extra download options.
  • SkyTube is an open-source YouTube client without Google login that has some Vanced-like features.
  • LibreTube is an open-source YouTube alternative still in development but with ad blocking and background play.

Is YouTube Premium Better Than Vanced?

YouTube Premium is an official ad-free option from YouTube, with extra features, but requires a paid subscription. 

Vanced offered free ad blocking and background play before being discontinued but had account suspension risks. Many users have reported issues with YouTube Vanced not working properly since it is no longer supported.

Overall, Premium is safer but paid, while Vanced was free but unsupported and now defunct. Since Vanced is no longer maintained, it is prone to issues like not working properly, so Premium may be a better option for a smooth ad-free experience, though at a cost.

Is YouTube Vanced Shutting Down?

Yes, YouTube Vanced was officially discontinued in March 2022 after receiving a cease and desist from Google. However, it is still possible to download Vanced from unsafe third-party sites, with the risk of account suspension by YouTube.

Should I Use YouTube Vanced?

Using YouTube Vanced is a personal decision with tradeoffs to weigh. It can block ads and enable background play for free unlike Premium, but carries potential account risks now that it’s discontinued.


YouTube Vanced not working suddenly can be frustrating. Above we some steps that will help you to get it up and running again by updating to latest version, reinstalling, clearing cached data, and troubleshooting your device. 

Be sure to check for Vanced server status, try using a VPN, and look at alternative Vanced forks if standard version remains unusable. With some persistence, you should be able to get Vanced functioning again on your device.