ZArchiver Not Working On Android [How To Fix]

ZArchiver is an app that allows you to compress files in Android People use it to reduce the size of their files so that they can save space on their device.

Anyway, you know what this app does now If ZArchiver not working on Android device then ZArchiver shows an error message like access denied or app not working message.

No need to worry I came here with all solutions for ZArchiver not responding issues on Android. I have faced many errors on ZArchiver which I am going to tell you here with the solution. – ZArchiver app not working on Android devices. It suggests granting permissions, updating the app, checking device storage, and trying alternative archive manager apps like 7-Zipper and RAR.

Reason Why ZArchiver Not Working On Android?

If you are facing issues with ZArchiver isn’t responding on Android phone or tablet, there are a few common reasons why this occurs like if you get the message zarchiver can’t use this folder. The most frequent cause is if you have not granted app proper permissions to access storage in your device settings. 

ZArchiver requires storage permissions to function. Also, having an outdated version of app can lead to zarchiver this folder has an android access restriction and non-responsiveness, so updating app from the Play Store may help. Trying to open corrupted files can also cause freezing and non-response. 

Additionally, storage problems like a full or damaged SD card may prevent ZArchiver from working on Android. Granting permissions, updating app, and checking your device storage can help fix ZArchiver not responding problems.

How To Fix ZArchiver Not Working On Android Error?

ZArchiver is a popular archive app for Android that lets you compress and extract files in a variety of formats. However, sometimes you may face zarchiver not working and zarchiver error while opening the app.

Below we mention Six common issues that you will face while using ZArchiver on your Android phone:

ZArchiver Not Opening On Android

Whenever you click on ZArchiver app it will show a message app not responding and you see two messages like app info and close the app.

So you have to press the button app info and if you close app you can go to settings navigate apps and find the ZArchiver app You have to clear cache -> also clear data and restart your phone.

Now tap ZArchiver app again in the hope that it will be working now and fix all ZArchiver not working errors on Android.

This folder Has An Android Access Restriction

This problem occurs when you are trying to use ZArchiver app on Android version 13+

So in this case you have to give root permission to ZArchiver app from Android settings.

How to give access to zarchiver Here are the steps to:

  • Install zarchiver on your device
  • Now Hold touch on Zarchiver app icon
  • open setting grants all the permission
  • restart your phone and run the zarchiver app

After that, you can use ZArchiver app on Android and able to perform all the actions that are available on application like extracting zip files and compressing files in one zip file, etc.

I am sure giving app storage permission on your device will solve ZArchiver not working problem.

Can’t Find Part Of Multi-Volume Archive On Android

If you see this error message zarchiver can’t use this folder while using ZArchiver on Android that means the file you are trying to extract has multiple volumes. 

So archive consists of several files (volumes). The names of such files are usually of form: *.part1.rar, *.part2.rar, … or *.zip.001, *.zip.002.

Just make a new folder and put all zip files into same folder then extract your file error message will not show. All files must be in same folder for extraction.

Corrupt Archive Errors

If you face messages like “Corrupt archive (CRC error)” or “Unexpected end of archive,” while using ZArchiver on Android it means that the compressed file you are trying to extract is damaged or incomplete.

This might occur due to incomplete downloads or file corruption during transfer. To resolve this issue re-download file from source and ensure that the download completes successfully.

How to Fix Archive is Corrupted Zarchiver

You can use online tool to check archive corrupted or not in zarchiver this happens when you cancel archive process in middle or close the app in the process that makes zarchiver file courrpet

To check whether file is complete or damaged use checksums like MD5 this will verify file’s integrity.

Insufficient Storage To Extract File In ZArchiver

ZArchiver needs sufficient storage space on your Android device to extract archive contents. Errors like “Not enough disk space” mean your phone or SD card memory is too full.

To fix this, you need to free up storage space on your Android. Delete unused apps, photos, videos, and files to clear.

Always make sure you have free space before trying to extract large archives with ZArchiver on Android.

ZArchiver Is Unable To Recognise File

If ZArchiver shows errors like “Cannot open the file as archive” or “Unknown archive format“, it means file you are trying to extract is not a supported archive type on ZArchiver.

This can occur when a web page or other random file gets saved with an incorrect. ZIP, RAR, or .7ZIP extension by mistake. ZArchiver will not work if a file is in a different format only with actual archive formats.

You can only extract valid ZIP, RAR, 7ZIP, or TAR archives. So use ZArchiver on your Android device in supported files format.

Top 7 ZArchiver Alternatives For Android

I believe that all ZArchiver not working on Android issues will be solved with the above given method but still if you something a different issue on your device I suggest you try these ZArchiver alternative apps that work same as ZArchiver.

  • RAR (by RARsoft) – Official RAR app to create and extract RAR archives. Supports ZIP, 7Z, and TAR too.
  • 7-Zipper (by Squell) – Lightweight app focused on 7ZIP archives. Create, extract, and encrypt 7Z files.
  • WinZip (by WinZip Computing) – Trusted WinZip app for Android. Zip, unzip, and share files easily.
  • EZ Extract (by Lemon Clip) – Simple extractor for ZIP, RAR, 7Z, and tar files. No archiving ability.
  • Archie Archiver (by neilmcduff) – Open source tool to handle common archive formats. Material design.
  • PowerArchiver (by JuneCloud)Full-featured archiver with encryption and cloud storage support.
  • Alzip (by Altools) – Compress and extract ZIP, RAR, TAR, 7Z, ISO, CAB. Fast performance.

Search those apps in Play Store You will find most of them there on Andoird but any chance you can find some of them apps try to find in on Google.

Now I want to tell you the best one that I use and works fine is 7-Zipper also one more RAR. These two apps are close to ZArchiver and have same function and extra features.

Does ZArchiver Permanently Delete Files?

No, ZArchiver does not permanently delete files when compressing or extracting them.

Which App Is Better Than ZArchiver?

7-Zipper is considered better than ZArchiver for compressing and extracting files on Android.


ZArchiver app that is used to compress and decompress files and I have mentioned every possible reason that people face in Zarchiver not working on Android.

So use them and try to solve issue that occurs in Zarcihver and with alternative apps, you can do same thing that you were trying to do with ZArchiver.

No need to worry with this blog you will be able to either fix issues on ZArchiver or get the best alternative app for same thing.

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